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We believe that everyone (well, almost everyone) comes to work to do a good job and is capable of amazing things. We believe that to get the best out of people, they need to be treated like human beings and allowed to properly contribute to their roles. We believe in changing the way the world works by re-humanising it, shifting the emphasis away from management by numbers to management by relationships to bring out the best in everyone. We don’t have pre-packaged, one size fits all products or believe in simply applying ‘best practice’ to all business situations.

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Celeste Halliday

A precocious and talented child Celeste was an explorer. She embarked upon life’s journey with zest and verve enjoying every twist and turn that the world brought her. Restlessly positive she entered the workplace and began a very successful corporate career that defied tradition, and sometimes logic!

Plaudits in marketing, strategy and peopley stuff followed and then, in 2007 the adventure moved to the other side of the world. It was the turning point in a career and she ended up managing the UK’s largest social enterprise. As a successful operational executive people began to seek her out for advice and support. In this way a path was revealed and Celeste began to coach the business leaders of the UK, in some pretty big businesses…word of mouth snowballed her work and bigger, more complex projects landed on her, well dressed, shoulders. On her return to Australia, when a number of clients followed her, she relaunched her business with Laurie and NoJAC was born.

Celeste has many specialties, most of them commercial, but she gets the biggest kick out of making individuals, teams and businesses, change their way of working to achieve amazing things. An eternal optimist she sees, and reveals, the secret power in almost everything and everyone.

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Laurie Hibbs

In 1971 the UK retired “old money” and Laurie was born in London. An inquisitive child he embarked on life with excitement and joy, graduated, full of optimism, as a qualified accountant at 25. Life had been good to that point and then Laurie started working! A very successful HR career in technology, finance, FMCG and publishing followed but with each promotion and organisation Laurie became increasingly disillusioned with the wares he was peddling. It seemed to this slightly older idealist that companies were increasingly making the work place less trusting and less personal to the detriment of their business results. Creating policies that inadvertently dehumanised and regulated behaviour rather than allow the individual to flourish.

He persevered and sought solace in the minds of system thinkers and behaviourists and tried, in his small way, to introduce a “different” way of working into the corporate world with some notable success. He gained a reputation for creativity and for genuinely understanding the way that people thought and for achieving best possible business performance.

But it was not enough. In 2007 he met a kindred spirit and the concept of NoJAC began to take shape, first working within businesses and then, in 2013 he cut the corporate umbilical cord and embarked on a new chapter with his partner. It was the right decision.

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We deliver solutions that enable people to perform at their best.

These vary because every business, individual and situation is unique – your business is unique.

We take the time to really get to know you, your team and your business…then..

  • it might be executive coaching for a specific individual, or across a whole team.
  • or workshop or several day offsite to change mindsets and deliver skills.
  • sometimes it’s an internal communications strategy or change programmes with genuine, and sustainable results.
  • we’ve taken over large, expensive consultancies’ work and delivered better for less.
  • could be how to improve customer systems.

But it’s always through understanding people, and understanding business – and we know that you know your business better than anyone.

Regardless of the situation, we always start with a diagnostic that allows everyone to agree the end point and how we’ll manage and prove success. (Both for the individuals and the business.)

People are amazing. We work with you and your amazing people to change the way their world – and their work – works.

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    Over 20 years of executive coaches and course facilitators and Celeste is hands down the best I’ve ever worked with. She’s extremely intelligent, has a wonderful repository of both academic and practical knowledge, has great intuition and a slightly spooky knack of getting people to open up and be honest with themselves in a short space of time.

    She has helped to transform me into a better leader and a happier person. She has given some fantastic guidance to my team and facilitated an inspiring team ethos and dynamic. We all look forward to the next instalment and team health check-up.


    Ian McClelland, Managing Director, Guardian Australia


    Laurie and NoJAC are the most innovative disruptors of human beings I’ve ever seen in action. You never know how it’s going to work but you do know you will get people performing at the peak of their abilities and a pervasive uplift in capability and culture.


    Joy Woodford, Project Manager


    I have the opportunity to partner with Celeste to enable coaching opportunities for our new managers as part of their Management Development Program. Celeste took the time to listen, understand and truly get a grasp of our organisation to support our leaders during their sessions with her. I have received nothing but positive feedback from our leaders who have had the opportunity!

    Her insights are invaluable. I always walk away feeling inspired and energised. She has a deep and compassionate understanding of individuals, and an amazing energy! I really love working with Celeste!


    Julijana Gugucevski, APAC Learning & Talent Development

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    We asked Laurie to support us as the presenter at a national Knowledge Management conference we at Microsoft were sponsoring in Australia. Laurie obviously worked hard developing his presentation as what he delivered was entirely appropriate for the audience. His experience in the complex arenas of knowledge sharing and Enterprise Social Networking shone through during the presentation with the real live examples he shared. Laurie has a wonderful easy going presentation style and was able to explain the post adoption analytics and innovative implementation in an easy to absorb manner while he told the story of how he had been instrumental in the roll out and adoption of our platform at LexisNexis. It would be a pleasure to invite Laurie to work with us again both as a presenter or partner.


    Luke Grange, Customer Success Manager, Microsoft


    I have had the pleasure of being coached by Celeste, she provides a refreshing and individual approach to her bespoke programs, full of enthusiasm and a wealth of experience to back it up. Her approach encompasses all facets of your development and inspires you to achieve so much more than you think you can, be it transform your style, approach or challenge learned habits.

    Her warm, open and generous demeanor inspires trust and a good dose of humor breaks down any inhibitions or reservations towards the challenges we all resist!
    I cannot recommended her enough and value all the time have with her.


    Margo Campbell, Client Services Team Leader at Herbert Smith Freehills


    Laurie is perhaps the most strategic and yet pragmatic executive that I have worked with. I found his ability to engage effectively with his leadership peers and the organisation’s people during challenging times to be pivotal to the successful introduction of new, more flexible ways of working in a traditionally conservative business. In two words, ‘leadership personified’.


    Gary Johns, Senior Project Manager, LexisNexis

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    Great thinker, communicator and enabler. Laurie’s ability to develop strategy and then translate that strategy into meaningful milestones and outcomes makes him a standout.


    Gary Forrest, Head of Customer Fulfilment, Redstar Mortgage Services, NAB


    I was truly impressed with Celeste from the beginning of the Operational Excellence Program. She took the time to get to know me as a coach using PI measuring, delivering what would be a game changing debrief for me on how I view myself in the workplace.

    Celeste provided me with newfound confidence in my abilities and knowing she and NoJAC had belief in what I could achieve, I was super charged to deliver an exceptional program of coaching.

    Though the above is about my experience, through discussion with other coaches in the program, I can truly say on our collective behalf that our passion for success in this program largely came from the education, support and belief provided by Celeste and NoJAC during our time together.


    John Stevens, Operational Excellence Consultant, Wave 4, NAB


    Laurie has done this by openly sharing his experience and extreme creativity and energy. His support and guidance is helping us build high levels of empowerment and is helping us achieve significant sustainable improvements in productivity.


    Jocelyn Turner, General Manager, Banking and Finance

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