Cloudy or Bright – You are the Barometer for your team

If you are a manager, from the moment you step into your workplace in the morning, you set the tone for the kind of day your team are going to have.

You know the feeling, you have a meeting with your manager, and the moment they walk into the room, you can see that they are tense, tired and rushed. Immediately, you think about putting them at ease, squishing your agenda items to take less time shelving the conversation you were hoping to have about your own development, or that holiday you have been planning.

Think about this: It’s 7.30am on Monday morning and one of your team opens their calendar and sees that the first meeting they have at 9am is with you. How do they feel? Are they excited, engaged? Is this the best meeting they will have all week? Or do they dread it? Worry about what they haven’t done? Worried about what sort of mood you’ll be in, or whether you have bad news to give them?

You have direct control over how your team feel. Every morning. Every day.