FOBFO – Fear of Being Found Out

Through my coaching practice, I also found one great, unifying similarity. FOBFO – Fear of Being Found Out. Some people call it ‘Imposter Syndrome’. The belief that you aren’t really the best person for the job. That one day, someone will tap you on the shoulder and ask you what business you have being here.

This one simple belief drives so many of the things that can make coming to work hard and unpleasant. When we’re scared of being ‘found out’, we try to appear bullet proof. We hide our vulnerability. We stop asking questions. We stop taking risks for fear of making a mistake. In essence, we hide what makes us human, and by behaving this way, we set the expectation that others should too.

Leading by example means embodying the behaviours you want to see in your team. When you stop allowing yourself to be real, you also stop others.