Supercharge results and efficiency? (Do more with less)? Our Approach to System Thinking

If you’re working in corporate Australia, chances are you’re always hearing the terms ‘Six Sigma’, ‘Lean’ and ‘Kaizen’ bandied around. You know the basics, you know it improves operational effectiveness. But, what’s the difference between teach approach, and how can they actually help you?

If you are an Operational Manager, and you want to radically improve results, cut waste, engage and empower your team, and make coming to work better for you and your team, maybe we can help.

System thinking is based on the Toyota manufacturing production system, it is ‘Lean’, and it has the same premise as ‘Kaizen’ and ‘Six Sigma’. It’s about changing the way you, and your teams think about your work. It’s about putting the customer at the heart

It’s the opposite of the ‘Command and Control’ approach to management that dominates corporate life. At its heart is the belief that everyone comes to work to do a good job.

Many of my clients feel frustrated with the constraints their role or organisation has created and they’re not alone!

It’s about putting variety in people’s work and taking the time wasting, pointless administration out of it

The manager’s job becomes to remove obstacles, develop and lead them team and connect them to the vision of the organisation.  How about that for engagement…